Reykjanes Peninsula
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5-6 hours


64.600 ISK (1-4 persons)
84.800 (5-8 persons)

The Reykjanes Peninsula Tour

This day tour offers a wonderful combination of geothermal hot springs, wild Atlantic vistas, stunning otherworldly landscapes, teeming birdlife, picturesque coastal villages, and lots of interesting local history.

Stretching like a long finger out into the North Atlantic, the Reykjanes peninsula is where the Mid Atlantic Ridge comes ashore in Iceland. The Ridge is the dividing line between two massive tectonic plates that are pulling apart, explaining why Iceland is one of the most volcanically active countries in the world. 

Volcanic activity has certainly left its mark on the peninsula´s landscape. There are the vast windswept lava fields covered with a carpet of thick moss, the bubbling mud pools, steaming hot springs and multi-coloured rocks. No wonder that back in the 1960s NASA would send its Apollo astronauts to Iceland to train for the lunar landing!

At Seltún you get the opportunity to explore a geothermal high-temperature area. Further up the road there´s Grænavatn or the Green Lake, a 6000-year-old explosive crater now filled with water having this unique green colour due to the sulphur content.   

Driving along the coast we witness the power of the Atlantic Ocean as its waves pound the coastline. Offshore are some of the best fishing grounds in the world and the coastal communities of Grindavík and Sandgerði base their economy on harvesting this huge natural bounty.

Old wooden frames on which fish was dried in the traditional way for centuries can still be found on the peninsula.

The peninsula is famous for its lighthouses that have served as a guiding light to seafarers navigating these treacherous waters that have claimed many a life. 

During the summer, the coastal cliffs are home to huge colonies of seabirds such as the guillemot, fulmar, kittiwake, gannet and Arctic tern. Sad to relate, but it was here on Eldey island, just off the peninsula, that in 1844 the last Great Auk was killed and so the species became extinct.   

During the tour we can stop at different locations, depending on your interests. We can also stop for a relaxing lunch or a coffee along the way and take in how locals go about their day.

Please notice admission charge to the Blue Lagoon is not included.

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5-6 hours

64.600 ISK per vehicle (1-4 persons)
84.800 ISK per vehicle (5-8 persons)